About BVRio

Founded in 2011, BVRio is a non-profit organisation working at the intersection of economic, environmental and social sustainability.

BVRio (Bolsa Verde do Rio de Janeiro – Environmental Exchange of Rio de Janeiro) was originally created with the objective of developing market mechanisms to facilitate compliance with Brazilian environmental laws. The models and approaches developed there have now been adapted to develop market mechanisms, economic tools, and support the development and implementation of environmental initiatives and markets in different countries and regions worldwide.


Our vision is to deliver positive impacts for the economy, environment and people through our work focusing on:

Forests & Sustainable Agriculture

Promoting the trading of legal or certified timber, and agricultural commodities creating transparency, efficiency, and liquidity to this market.

Waste Management & the Circular Economy

Transparently and sustainably increasing the value of solid waste in support of the circular economy, its informal workers and consumer goods companies.

Climate Change & the Bioeconomy

Supporting climate friendly approaches and the bioeconomy, through policy contributions and green finance.

Our Impact

We want to achieve measurable impact with the work that we do, across three key areas:

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Latest Initiatives

Responsible Commodities Facility

The Responsible Commodities Facility (RCF) is an initiative to promote the production and trading of responsible soy and corn in Brazil, by creating a financially sustainable vehicle to provide incentives to farmers and help meet the growing international demand for zero-deforestation supply chains.


PlanaFlor is a National Plan for the Implementation of the Brazilian Forest Code, conceptualised by BVRio and currently under elaboration by a consortium of organisations.


Recognising the importance of the conservation and restoration obligations of the Forest Code, BVRio and partners created SIMFlor - a programme to provide financial support to landowners to conserve existing native vegetation in their land.

Circular Action Hub

The home of BVRio global waste footprint solutions, the Hub incorporates a directory of waste management projects and activities looking for support from companies and investors willing to fund, accelerate and strengthen a more effective and socially-responsible circular economy.

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We cannot achieve our mission alone. In order to deliver lasting and positive impact for the economy, the environment and people, BVRio is seeking funding and delivery partners to join with us.

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